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Why should I hire a collection attorney for my small business?? Most of our accounts receivable are $5000 or under and I?ve heard that my company can represent itself in small claims court, so why should I pay for an attorney?2016-11-18T11:34:08-05:00

The most important function of your business is to be profitable.?? Your time is best spent pursuing new, profitable business, not chasing bad debt.? Attempting to represent yourself or your company in small claims court wastes your valuable time and takes you away from profitable work.? Let the experienced collection attorneys at Bowden Barlow Law spend their time pursuing your bad debt so that you are free to pursue profit.? We have handled collection matters in small claims, county and circuit courts throughout the state of Florida from pre-suit collection through to post-judgment collection.? We know the defenses debtors raise and we know how to overcome them.? We know the intricacies of post-judgment wage and bank garnishments, vehicle levies, business levies, personal property and real property levies, proceedings supplementary and Florida?s Fraudulent Transfer Act.? We know how to maximize your accounts receivable collections.

Ok, now I understand that my business needs an attorney ? why should I hire Bowden Barlow Law, P.A.?2016-11-18T11:34:23-05:00

At Bowden Barlow Law, P.A., we understand what matters to our clients.? We understand that clients want aggressive, effective collection attorneys pushing hard to obtain payment for goods or services they have already provided.? We understand that our clients want to be kept aware of what is happening in their collection cases.? Commercial collection files are entered into our collection software system within 48 hours of initial placement and the debtors receive a telephone call within 24 hours of account entry.? Commercial clients are sent written acknowledgments immediately upon entry of the account. Commercial debtors that fail to pay within 2 to 4 weeks of account entry are reviewed and clients are provided with written updates and requests for suit authorization.? Consumer debtors are sent the required initial written demand and contacted by phone immediately after the expiration of the 30 day notice period. Consumer debtors that fail to pay are quickly scrutinized for suit worthiness and clients are sent requests for suit authorization promptly.? Accounts that are approved by the client for suit have suit filed within 1 to 2 weeks of receipt of cost deposit.? Clients are consistently kept informed of the progress of their accounts.

Why should I hire Bowden Barlow Law, P.A. instead of a collection agency?2016-11-18T11:34:38-05:00

Non-attorney collection agencies do nothing more than send letters and make telephone calls.? They are not permitted to file suit on your behalf.? They are not permitted to represent you in court.? They are not permitted to pursue post judgment collection.? You or your business have already sent demands and made telephone calls to your debtors.? Why pay a collection agency to do no more than what you already have done?? As attorneys, we can file suit in order to collect your balance due.? Know this ? debtors believe you will not file suit to collect your balance.? Collection agencies do nothing but strengthen this belief.? You need an attorney to file suit to maximize your collections.

If I send my accounts to Bowden Barlow Law, P.A., how will I get paid? How will I pay Bowden Barlow Law?2016-11-18T11:35:14-05:00

We handle most cases on a contingent basis, which means we don?t get paid unless we collect for you.? Contingent cases are handled on a percentage basis.? The firm retains a percentage of the amount collected from the debtor and the remaining portion is remitted to the client.? Cases may also be handled on an hourly or flat fee basis.

I have a large company with hundreds / thousands of accounts receivable, can Bowden Barlow Law handle that many cases?2016-11-18T11:35:14-05:00

Yes, Bowden Barlow Law can handle all of your collection files.? We utilize state of the art collection computer software and electronic document storage software that allows us to store and work an infinite number of files.? Our business philosophy is based on systematization.? We have created systems that work together to meet our end goal of fast, effective, quality collection.

I?m a landlord with delinquent tenants that need to be evicted, why should I hire Bowden Barlow Law?2016-11-18T11:35:36-05:00

Bowden Barlow Law is a one stop shop for landlords.? We review your current lease and identify areas of weakness.? We then provide our clients with attorney drafted leases that are designed to not only be valid and enforceable, but to protect our clients? rights and maximize collection in the event of a tenant delinquency.? We file both commercial and residential evictions on an expedited basis because we know how important it is to quickly restore you to possession of your property so that you can put it back to profitable use.? Once the tenant is evicted, we are able to pursue collection of your past due rent and damages.? There is no need to hire one attorney to evict and another attorney to collect ? we do both.

I have already obtained a judgment against my debtor, how can Bowden Barlow Law help me collect?2016-11-18T11:35:15-05:00

As experienced collection attorneys, we practice daily in the area of post judgment collection.? We understand how to perfect a judgment lien.? We understand how to obtain asset information from judgment debtors.? We understand the many exemptions under Florida law that shield debtors from garnishment and levy.? We have experience in every type of post judgment collection including but not limited to bank and wage garnishment and levies.

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