At Bowden Barlow Law, we are here for all of your Landlord Tenant Law needs. As collection attorneys, we are your one-stop shop for all your Landlord Tenant needs. We have represented landlords, both commercial and residential, for many years.

Whether you need to have a lease drafted or reviewed, you will be given prompt advice regarding the law and its application to your particular situation. Eviction proceedings are given immediate and decisive attention.

The issue of monetary damages for breach of lease or destruction of the leased property can be quite upsetting to a landlord. As collection attorneys, we can give landlords more insight into the likelihood of being able to collect such damages.

We are not only able to file an eviction action against your delinquent tenant, but we are also able to pursue the tenant for monetary damages for past due rent and damages to your property, seek a money judgment against the tenant, and conduct post-judgment collection on any judgment obtained.?We are able to handle your matter from start to finish. Call today to see how.