Formally evicting a tenant from a rental property in St. Petersburg can be troublesome. No matter why they need to leave, many residents are stubborn and uncooperative, making the entire process that much more difficult. With the help of an eviction attorney at Bowden Barlow Law, P.A., you can prepare yourself so that the situation is under control and the odds of things ending in your favor can increase.

Evicting a Tenant

To evict a tenant legally before the lease term is ended, a landlord must have reason to do so. For example, if a tenant misses rent payments, breaks the terms of their lease, or commits an illegal act on the property, then you may have cause to evict them. If you simply do not like the tenant or find them irksome, you do not have legal cause to evict them and could face a discrimination lawsuit if you try.

As a landlord pursuing eviction in St. Petersburg, you must first provide notice to the tenant. If they comply with the notice, then the case is closed. However, if they resist or fight the notice, you may have to go to court and commence with a lawsuit. If you go to court, having the education and experience of an eviction attorney who deals with landlord tenant law in St. Petersburg can be crucial to your success.

An eviction attorney can help you understand the Florida Fair Housing Act and what it means for a landlord. There are restrictions placed on you by this act. For example, you cannot prevent tenants from inspecting housing, and you cannot retaliate against residents who invoke Fair Housing rights. Speaking with a lawyer if you have any questions or concerns about this legislation can help protect you from potential lawsuits.

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