At Bowden Barlow Law, P.A. we are here for you for all of your debt collection needs in St. Petersburg, the rest of Tampa Bay and throughout Florida. When it comes to collecting your accounts receivable, there is only one guarantee: if you do not do something about it, nothing will happen. You have made the sale, delivered the goods, provided the service, but have not been paid. Not only have you lost your profit, but you have also lost the costs of the goods.

We can advise St. Petersburg clients on which methods of extending credit will provide the most protection. We also put our years of practice to the test when it comes to finding ways to make sure that you are set up for success now and in the future.

Industries and Debt Collection

Creditors questions about debt collection judgments, garnishment of wages or bank accounts, and the effect of bankruptcy are handled regularly by our attorneys. We represent creditors with credit and collection issues in St. Petersburg, the Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida in order to make sure that amounts owed are restored. Most of our clients are businesses with account receivable portfolios that require assistance with serious delinquencies. Our firm’s clients include medical doctors of all disciplines, financial companies, insurance companies, credit unions, wholesale distributors, retailers, and more. Construction contractors and others with lien rights can choose from additional remedies, most of which are quite technical and require comprehensive experience and training to fully understand and utilize. We can handle liens and lien foreclosures for the construction industry with relative ease thanks to our experience and education in the field.

Bowden Barlow Law, P.A.’s Debt Collection Services

There is no limit to the size of case we can handle in our St. Petersburg office. If your practice has a large number of smaller accounts or just a few larger ones, we review and handle each account in the same professional manner. We can handle any client no matter how many or few issues they may be experiencing when it comes to accounts payable. Our experienced staff can retrieve information instantly using our state-of-the-art software that is not available to the general public. In addition, our experienced and trained staff members have skip tracing and asset locating tools readily available. We handle most debt collection matters on a contingent, no collection-no fee basis.

We offer our debt collection and litigation services to clients throughout all of Florida. While our principal office is in St. Petersburg, we routinely attend court statewide. Regardless of where they are, we help clients recover past due accounts so they can focus on future growth. Call Bowden Barlow Law, P.A. today to discuss your debt collection needs.

Why Bowden Barlow, P.A. is an Excellent Choice

Bowden Barlow Law Firm, P.A. is a trusted choice for St. Petersburg residents who need assistance with everything from debt collection, business law and subrogation to estate planning and probate. Later, the firm formerly known as Casesa-Bowden, P.A. became Casesa Bowden Barlow, P.A. when Jason Barlow joined in 2014. Then, after Mr. Casesa’s retirement, Mrs. Bowden and Mr. Barlow, a married couple, changed the name to Bowden Barlow Law, P.A. in January 2016. Our clients have continued with us through the name changes over the years, ultimately because we are still the same firm at heart, with a dedication to our clients and a passion for justice. If you need legal counsel and professional assistance with expertise and experience, call Bowden Barlow Law, P.A. today at (727) 323-4719 to set up a consultation.